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Sarthak-Social Responsibility Cell


Sarthak – the Institute Social Responsibility Cell, is an initiative taken by the Institute to contribute towards economic, environmental, and social development of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The rationale is to spread goodness in the society and create a special place in the heart of people living in the state.


The term “Sarthak” was coined by our Chairperson, BoG Shri Ravi Sharma on the Institute day when students and staff took oath for enhancing the engagement with local populace through community projects. Shri Ravi Sharma is a beacon of inspiration who swore the entire IIIT Una community to come forward and guide and counsel the local school students of Una about the JEE and Examination for Engineering admission, emerging technologies and innovation in the IT Industry. He emphasized the need of such social cell for educational institutions. He encouraged everyone to embrace the concept of PSR – Personal Social Responsibility- for one’s emotional growth and spreading goodness in the society.


  • To make students learn about the need of personal social responsibility towards community and environment.
  • To be welcoming to the surrounding communities, fostering a spirit of collaboration and mutual growth.
  • To create awareness local community about the advanced technology and research.

From Chairperson Desk

“Personal Social Responsibility makes the person socially aware and responsible towards others as well as towards environment. The actual role of PSR is to help others rise above their circumstances. It also enables the person to learn the importance of empathizing and appreciating others in the society. PSR remains our best bet in order to create a better world.”
Mr. Ravi Sharma

From the Director Desk

“I appreciate the idea of involving the students and residents in various community engagements. It is very important to build this bridge and engage local public with INIs for the betterment of both. IIIT Una looks forward to the future with renewed dedication in its mission of academic excellence and inclusivity.”
Prof. Manish Gaur
Director IIIT Una

For any further query, please contact:

Dr. Nishtha Hooda