Science,Technology and Innovation Policy 2020: How to Engage

As India and the world reorient in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, a landmark policy initiative has been flagged by the Government of India. The Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, 2020 (STIP2020) formulation process will be facilitated jointly by the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India (Office of PSA) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST). It is one of the milestone events amidst many important changes in the past decade that have necessitated formulation of a new outlook and strategy for Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI). STIP 2020 by way of its decentralized, bottom-up and inclusive design process aims to restrategize priorities, sectoral focus and methods of research and technology development for larger socio-economic welfare.

There are multiple ways to contribute to the Policymaking Process. By participating in the activities listed below, students can tell us what they think about Science, Technology and Innovation, what are the areas of their interest and how STI can shape their future. Teachers and parents can also participate in these activities and provide their inputs. There are no restrictions on language and mode of participation in any of these activities. Sincere efforts have been put by the STIP 2020 Secretariat and Science Policy Forum to ensure comprehensive representation of the nation’s plurality.

a) “Policy Compass”

“Policy Compass” are surveys designed to gather suggestions and inputs on Science, Technology and Innovation from school and college students, scientists, industry and academic professionals and the general public. The aim of this survey is to understand how the “public” think about and approach a certain component of the STI policy and how they want their policies to be designed. The surveys are being translated in multiple regional languages to allow people to participate in the process without any restrictions. Please participate and ensure that your inputs shape the future of Science, Technology, and Innovation in the country!

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b) “Open Letter”

The ‘Open Letter’ series aims to gather expressions in writing across the country. This will begin with a common article informing about Science, Technology and Innovation Policy 2020 (STIP2020), its process, themes and modes through which you can be a part in STIP 2020 policy making process, in various national and regional newspapers. We invite entries from all sectors of the society and geographies. Tell us what you think and envision about science, technology, and its effect on you, in your mother tongue. Let language not be the barrier. Send your writings to us on Let the world know what you envision about STIP2020 by writing them for a blog, publishing on any platform or simply posting on social media with a hashtag #indiawrites.

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c) “Thoughts for India”

Thoughts for India is a podcast series in partnership with community radios across the country in which we raise awareness about science policy, the current policy design process and how our lives are intertwined with the progress we make as a nation in these fields. We aim to reach out to a diverse audience in various regional languages through this podcast. By collaborating with a nationwide network of community radios, we hope to engage with local communities and add their voices to the STIP 2020 drafting process. All the feedback, comments and questions we receive from this interaction will be curated and included in the broader policy design.

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d) “Ideathon”

The Ideathon is a competition on the topic “Vision 2040” where participants can share their concepts or ideas in any creative form of expression- text, visual (graphic / images / illustrations), short-video clips, model, full length article, comic, cartoon etc without any barriers of format to enable out of the box thinking. There is absolutely no limitation on the mode or language to be used. This would enable all citizens- students, teachers, professionals and even the general public to communicate their expectations of the STI policy. Exciting prizes to be won. Shortlisted entries would be showcased on the public domain to serve as a snapshot of what the nation aspires to achieve in 2040 through STIP2020.

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e) In conversation with The ‘Public & Experts Consultation’ track of the process is planned to have interviews with experts and leaders in various capacities to provide inputs for the upcoming Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (STIP2020). These moderated interviews will feature institutional leaders, industry leaders, thought leaders in various fields including parliamentarians, policy scholars and accomplished researchers. The interviews will be in an online format that would be open to the public through live streaming on different platforms.

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f) Across the Table

Across the table has already taken place under the ‘Public & Experts Consultation’ track. The activity aimed to hear out different perspectives from experts in various fields through a series of participatory discussions. These discussions, about 16 in total, were themed around 21 identified thematic groups. You can listen to the discussions and give your inputs on the discussion forum of Science Policy Forum.

You can find all the ‘Across the Table’ discussions here

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